Is this real?

The mind/brain doesn’t know the difference between a real activity and mental rehearsal.


Why exactly is this something important for us to know?


What we tell ourselves shapes our feelings, thoughts, and even the behaviors we engage in (or don’t engage in).


Although you may never speak those negative and unhealthy thoughts to another person, the mere act of thinking them tells your body they are true!


What does your body do then?


All body systems start to believe the negative thoughts and begin to live in a stressful state of being. Stress hormones increase which in turn activates anxiety, worry, and often inhibits relaxation. Essentially those unspoken, unhealthy thoughts tell your body to be afraid of the world!


Areas of life where people tend to encounter negative self-talk:

  • Physical/Looks

  • Social person

  • Skills

  • Talents

  • Creativity

  • Hobbies


Do you speak to yourself in a way that lifts you up? Feeds a positive mindset? Or do you talk to yourself in a way you would NEVER speak to a dear friend or a loved one?


ALL areas of life connect to create psychological wellness. Being psychologically healthy takes practice! What do you like about yourself? What do you tell yourself?


One small step toward being psychological healthy is making an honest assessment (check-in) with how you’re speaking to and acting toward yourself.


Dr. Erika McElroy

Smooth Rock Psychological Services, LLC



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