How’s your Psychological Wellness?


Why is it exactly that there are so many terms used to describe a person’s mental health?


As the years have progressed with a greater understanding of psychology, there has also been an evolution of the labels applied to describe mental health and mental health needs. This growth is partly due to the desire to minimize the stigma of engaging in therapy to address one’s mental health. Using terms that label someone as broken, damaged, crazy, or worse is no longer acceptable because it focused on deficits instead of strengths.


Also, newer scientific findings consistently demonstrate the existing relationship between the mind and body. Learning more about this relationship helps both physical and mental health providers to support all aspects of health in their clients.


Examples of some labels and terminology:

  • Behavioral health

  • Psychological health

  • Well-being

  • Mental health

  • Emotional health

  • Psychological wellness

Using the term psychological wellness helps us to see that our mental and emotional health is as equally important as physical health. Moreover, psychological wellness is a positive and strength-based term!


Other reasons to use psychological wellness rather than other terms are:

  • Acknowledges that wellness is innate, or naturally within each person

  • Relates to

    • Strength

    • Courage

    • Inner voice

While it may seem like a trivial exercise to consider the language used to describe a person’s mental state, consider this! Researchers have learned that the language we use to describe ourselves is directly related to whether or not we experience positive or negative emotional states when thinking about ourselves.


Why not set yourself up for success by using a term or label like psychological wellness?  


Dr. Erika McElroy

Smooth Rock Psychological Services, LLC

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