You Don't Have Time to Be Grateful?


Each day that goes by, it seems like so many are struggling to keep up with the demands of life. 


This hectic pace can often result in emotional and psychological challenges.


As these difficulties progress, it's not uncommon to start seeing changes in behavior (usually the not so nice kind) and even physical health problems.


November is a great time to start using one simple tool that's been scientifically proven to improve mental outlook. What is it?




In more than one research study, when participants took the time to write down three things each day (that's right! Only three things) they consistently began to show an increase in positive emotion, reported feeling more hopeful about the future, and generally deepened their desire to care for themselves. How long did it take to feel more uplifted? In most situations only 1-2 weeks when this gratitude practice was completed every day.


Focusing on the 'bounty of life' and the good things made it challenging for people to focus on the not-so-good stuff! While the human brain is designed to focus more on the negative, it is also capable of learning and being molded.


Keep this in mind as 2018 comes to a close...


I don’t have to chase extraordinary moments to find happiness – it’s right in front of me if I’m paying attention and practicing gratitude. Brene Brown


In gratitude,

Dr. Erika McElroy

Smooth Rock Psychological Services, LLC

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