Do You Lie to Your Therapist?


Contrary to what many think, it’s common practice for clients to lie to their psychologists, therapists and counselors.


Now this may sound counterintuitive!


Isn’t the point of therapy to tell someone what’s bothering you, so they can help you feel differently about the problem?




So why do people lie in therapy?

Asking for support and receiving help from a professional about a life problem can feel intimidating.


Exposing feelings and thoughts about very personal issues at times is overwhelming.


What can be some negative outcomes of lying to your therapist?

  1. Wasting your time (and hers), as well as your money

  2. Unlikely to see any real improvements in the areas of your life that are a burden and struggle

  3. You’re only hurting yourself, not your therapist. She isn’t living your life!

  4. Those pesky, unhealthy behavior patterns you keep falling back on will continue


Success in treatment lies in the client finding a way to trust their therapist enough to share their vulnerabilities.


Being vulnerable takes courage!



Dr. Erika McElroy, Ph.D.

Smooth Rock Psychological Services, LLC

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