Are You A Believer?


Earlier this month I posted an inspirational moment asking you to bring awareness to how you wake up each day.


Do you wake up dreading the day? Hoping there’ll be a force of nature, like a blizzard, that forces your boss to close the office? Or maybe you wake up just not feeling you have what it takes to be successful, the best you possible? If you can relate to any of these thoughts, I challenge you to really sit with the question.


How would my life be different if I woke up and expected the day to be good?


Contrary to what we tell ourselves, our lives are not the direct result of external factors ‘making us mad’ and ruining our good mood. Nope. Our lives are driven by our state of psychological wellness. If we feed ourselves nothing by negativity, how can we expect the outcome to be anything but negativity?


Take a minute.


Get quiet.


Sit with your thoughts.


What are you feeding yourself?

Does it taste sweet, savory and you want more of it? If not, make a new choice.


A choice that creates a path of believing in good which will eventually lead to believing in yourself.


Dr. Erika McElroy

Smooth Rock Psychological Services, LLC

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