I Hate My Job and Want To Be Someone Else!


Unfortunately, more and more adults are experiencing life burnout and experiencing intense psychological, emotional, and physical problems as a result. 


What is life burnout and how is it different from job or professional burnout?


Life burnout is experiencing intense and debilitating exhaustion impacting all areas of life due to a lack of attention to signs of compassion fatigue, burnout, and not taking care oneself on a daily basis.


Job burnout is often described an overwhelming exhaustion, intense cynicism, and a strong sense of ineffectiveness. Job burnout will affect other parts of life, but sometimes people can compartmentalize their feelings such that their personal life is only partly impacted by their job burnout.


When not addressed, job burnout usually leads to professional burnout. Life burnout is usually the 3rd step in the chain of job and professional burnout. Life burnout is usually described in similar ways as someone describes experiencing symptoms of depression.


  • Extremely poor eating habits

  • Chronic sleep problems (too much, too little, waking a lot during the night)

  • Excessive crying

  • Feeling agitated to the extent you lash out at others on a regular basis

  • Isolated from others, find little to no joy in relationships

  • Often problems with significant weight gain or possibly difficulty sustaining a healthy weight

  • Lack concentration, takes a long time to complete tasks that in the past were not a problem

  • May have passive thoughts of not wanting to live

  • Experience sleep problems

  • Consistently not interested in life

  • Negative self-talk

  • Repeating the same negative thoughts (rumination)


In addition to these psychological and behavioral challenges, it’s not uncommon to also have physical health problems as a result of chronic stress, poor self-care, and worsening of pre-existing health problems. 


Working with a mental health professional, and possibly a medical provider, you can create a well-being (self-care) plan to take control of psychological and physical health. Once the immediate crisis is addressed, professional supports will help to sustain a way of living that prevents burnout from reoccurring.


If you recognize that you’re feeling burned out with life, take the steps to outreach for help today!



Dr. Erika

Smooth Rock Psychological Services, LLC


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