4 Tips for a Successful Daily News Diet



More and more people are asking how they can reduce psychological stress, experience less emotional fatigue, and generally keep a positive mindset in today’s world of news overload.


Thanks to the impressive nature of technology, we can access information within seconds. In fact, we don’t even need to put out that much effort!


Enter most restaurants, businesses, or elevators and you’re likely to find a television playing a news story. For many, this news overload is an assault to the senses and a breeding ground for fear-based thinking.


What exactly can you do to improve psychological wellness, while remaining connected to information going on in the world? Try a daily news diet!



Use these 4 tips to decide how to control the intake of daily news.

  1. Quality of news: Is the news information you’re absorbing of good quality? Does it have integrity? Are both sides of the issue presented?

  2. Quantity of news: Sources of news can be television, radio, internet, newspaper. How many hours a day do you watch or read a news story?

  3. Frequency of news: Decide how often you want to hear/watch/read the news? Once a day? Every other day? Twice a day? What feels good to you?

  4. Timing of news: For many people, taking in news at the beginning of the day creates a negative mindset for the day. The same can be true for reading/watching the news before bed, resulting in poor sleep.


Don’t look to what others are doing, partners, spouses or co-workers! Just like a physical eating plan is individualized, so is your “news diet.” Understand what does and doesn’t work for you, implement a plan, and keep yourself accountable by replacing news watching/reading with other more positive experiences.


Oh, one other important tip! Check in with yourself on a weekly basis. Is the amount of news watched still too much? Do you need to cut back? Maybe you’ll find its just right.


Dr. Erika

Smooth Rock Psychological Services, LLC



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