When Will I Feel Better?

“As I opened my eyes today, this was the first thought yelling in my head. When. Will. I. Feel. Better?”


I asked, “Was there an answer?” 


He said there was and it surprised him, “Stop focusing on the future and start appreciating the now. Stop trying to strong-arm yourself in to feeling better by going it alone. Clearly it’s not working!”


These are powerful words shared by a client many years ago who had been thinking about finding a therapist for at least 6 months. In reality, it was closer to a year. A very long year of emotional and psychological suffering and unhappiness. A year of feeling lost, alone, and confused about how to climb out of the “pit of darkness” he felt was his life.


The one common factor in the personal journey of therapy is that a positive outcome is absolutely possible for everyone. How a person gets there and how long it takes is as unique as a snowflake. The road of psychological wellness is filled with curves, ups, downs, hairpin turns, and sometimes washed out bridges. Human beings are complex! Therapy is a process best guided by an expert, a collaborator, with your best interest at heart.


There can be a great amount of stigma in seeking therapy services. Maybe you’ve heard others make comments like “only crazy people need therapy” and “people who go to therapy are too weak to manage life.”  Or do these sound a lot like the thoughts rolling around in your head? Seeking therapy is a very personal decision and one that requires you to be an informed consumer.


Regardless of how long it takes to find the right therapist, each step forward is a step toward psychological wellness!


Dr. Erika

Smooth Rock Psychological Services, LLC



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