Walk Your Own Path: A few tidbits learned in 2017


The ending of a year and the dawning of another prompts me to be reflective on my growth and that of the clients I served this past year. Self-reflection can be particularly meaningful when we feel the year has given us more than our fair share of suffering and angst. As a friend told me recently, “I feel like I’ve been sucker-punched in the face!”  Often life can feel like a boxing ring or a 3-ring circus.


Making the time for self-reflection is not an indulgent practice, nor does it need to feel scary. It can be as simple as sitting down with a hot coffee or tea, looking at the beautiful Colorado mountains, and allowing ourselves to open up to what’s within and reconnect with that which stirs our passions!


Here are some themes from 2017: 


Being brave and courageous. Like any muscle group exercised using a treadmill or with weights, taking calculated risks to better ourselves and deepen the richness of life takes practice. Each day can be made just a little bit brighter by taking one small step toward your dreams.


Commitment. Most of us are capable of commitment to certain things like our family, friends, and job. But we can “forget” about being committed to ourselves. The promises we make to ourselves about creating positive change frequently go underground as we put others before ourselves. Commitment reminders are needed!


Accountability to myself. This is by far the hardest for many…being accountable TO ourselves. Making a sincere effort to treat ourselves with the integrity and caring we offer others. Holding ourselves in a space in which we recognize that we’re human and make mistakes. And equally important is dusting ourselves off after a ‘trip and fall’ and getting up again is being accountable to ourselves.


Play. How many times can you truly say you played this past week?  Month? Past 6 months? Take a few minutes to check in with yourself. As adults we often forget to have fun and do things we WANT to do, not just the activities we must do. Engaging in activities where we have fun, play, and release stress has been scientifically shown to improve physical well-being and psychological health. 


Can you relate to anything above? When making a step in any one of these areas of life, you’re taking a step forward in all of them.


Holding ourselves accountable to the commitments we make requires bravery and courage. Let's carry this forward in 2018!



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