One Small Step...


Contrary to what many think, there isn’t a once size fits all way of living a healthy life. We already know we should eat more fruits and vegetable, watch cholesterol levels, and exercise and sleep more. How each person connects the dots is up to her/him.


Authentic Expansion involves crafting a life that puts a smile on your face and produces a positive outlook on life.


Here are some simple tips to get you started:


-Take a 15-minute walk each day and challenge yourself to walk without music or looking at your phone. Aim for 30-60 minutes (daily) of this reflective time.


-Leave your desk (or get off the couch) at least every 30-60 minutes. Better yet--spend part of your day at a standing desk!


-Creative activity boosts the good brain chemicals that promote relaxation and calm. Take a painting, writing or pottery class. Tight budget? Take a stroll in a craft or art store for inspiration.


-Reading is always a stable pastime and it’s FREE learning. Healthy cookbook? Biography of someone you admire? A How-To book? Most public library’s now offer books available for checkout on your electronic devices. Of course, good old paper books are still available too!


-Connect with others in a way that fosters personal contact and good conversation.  Host a potluck at the office, socialize with others in the neighborhood, or volunteer with a group or cause that inspires you.


Happy Wellness!


Smooth Rock Psychological Services, LLC

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