Befriend Don’t Conquer Fear


The idea of conquering fear is a falsehood.


Conquering implies fear will go away, no longer exist, and once removed never return. This is simply not true! Our fear meter is part of evolution, a piece of biology. The fight or flight mechanism saves lives (just ask the cavemen!). It’s designed to be our friend to red flag dangers in the physical world.


But things go awry when fear becomes the life pilot rather than the passenger. Our flight path takes a detour. When fear is our primary experience, our desires and dreams are overridden. The world becomes a place to fear instead of a place of adventurous opportunities. Yes, there are situations in which we should be cautious. But there are many more times when acknowledging fear, making friends with it, allows us to become more of ourselves on the path of Authentic Expansion.


Where in life are you pushing down hopes and dreams, living small, because fear is dictating that’s how it is?  


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