When Did I Stop Being Me?


Depression can be a difficult and life-altering experience. According to NAMI, approximately 7% of all adults experienced a major episode of depression in the past year. Many more had symptoms and signs of depression. It's important to remember that feeling a deep, ongoing depression isn’t the same as feeling down or upset about a specific incident for a day or two. That type of feeling is normal for most of us and we rebound fairly quickly.


Ongoing depression impacts daily living--making it challenging to be a productive employee, attentive parent, or sometimes to practice good self-care. Depression can be mild or very severe. Many find it shocking to realize that anyone can experience depression at any time in their life.


I’ve often heard chronic depression described as trying to walk in a pit of tar where every movement and thought requires tremendous effort and attention. Having feelings and thoughts of isolation, negative self-talk, and profound sadness is not uncommon. In the very worst case scenarios, depression can lead to thoughts of self-harm or injury. In these instances, immediate help should be sought! Some people may feel turning to drugs or alcohol will help, but unfortunately these only worsen the situation. 


There’s a lot science tell us about what helps relieve the symptoms of depression. Working with a therapist in talk therapy is very helpful. It’s common for past events to be connected to present day sadness and depression. A therapist helps to provide an objective viewpoint and unconditional support. For many, working with a medical provider to discuss possibility of medications is helpful. And some people suffering from depression have found having the combination of  support of a therapist and using medications to be most beneficial. Eating a good diet, engaging in exercise, and keeping up social connections are also scientifically proven tools to help reduce symptoms of depression.


The good news is that depression is treatable and people can feel better!



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