Are You A Priority In Your Own Life?


Some years back I made a commitment to myself and when the month of February rolls around I renew that commitment. February is my month, my time to take care of me. Yes I know society tells us it’s the month to focus on our mates and other loves ones and that is good too. But can we truly love and attend to others if we are not doing the same for ourselves?


Although contrary to what many of us are taught to believe, making ourselves a priority ensures our life is built on a foundation of strength and the knowingness that we matter. This is not selfishness! When we come from this place of fortitude, we show up differently in relationships, parenting, employment, play, etc. We understand what it takes to treat others with kindness and compassion because we give this (and much more) to ourselves. This self-love, self-compassion need not require us to always buy things or treats for ourselves. However if you want to do that, by all means go for it.


When was the last time you allowed tenderness and grace to wash over you by speaking a kind word to yourself?  Acknowledging self for a job well done? Such a simple act holds powerful possibilities. Most of us have a greater desire for Authentic Expansion and caring for ourselves is one way to keep that fire burning.


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