2017: The Year of Authentic Expansion


Each New Year brings the expectation that we must reflect upon the past year and look forward to achieving something new. As the year progresses, we may find ourselves in the same old spot when we made these 'resolutions'. We can enter a place of inaction or even forget what we intended in the first place! Perhaps the goals we set for ourselves seem daunting or suddenly not good enough. Or maybe they are within reach, but we’ve realized this requires moving far out of our comfort zone and that stirs up fear. Let’s try something different this year. Let’s be different in 2017 by taking a few small steps towards our dreams each day. The small steps often require the most courage. I challenge you, and myself, to take a few moments to re-examine those “new year goals” set a few days back. What is one thing—just one – that can be done today to move just that much closer to the dream? Whatever comes to mind jot that down. Don’t have paper/pen handy, pull out your phone and write it in your notes page. Do it right now!  Taking one step each day, even an itty bitty small one, keeps up forward momentum and supports your Authentic Expansion.


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