Dr. Erika's Philosophy of Care

Personal Empowerment

Each day we can choose to be stronger, to rely on our inner rock. This means addressing those areas of darkness we'd rather ignore, but know can only result in greater well-being. Expanding our sense of inner empowerment creates greater happiness, vitality and life transformation.

Healthy Living with Daily Wellness

Strong psychological health, or good mental health, means we must look at all areas of life. What does our 'health' look like in the physical, social, emotional and psychological areas? Are we uplifted by our relationships (friends, family, partners, coworkers) or do they drain us? Is there balance in life with work and play?

Choose to Show Up In Your Life!

One of the common themes for all of us is the desire to be accepted for who we are. Too often, life's roles and responsibilities lead us away from remembering who we want to be. Using our inner courage to show up in our life the way we'd like is possible!

Move Past Fears Holding You Back

As adults, it is easy to become comfortable in life. Over time we forget what it feels like to take risks and try new things. While this may feel comfortable for awhile, we may find ourselves unable to grow when new opportunities arrive because we're scared. Today, let's choose to move past fear. 


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