Scientific studies have now shown a direct relationship between our minds and bodies. There is conclusive evidence that the thoughts we think and the emotions we feel impact the body. Our ability to cope with the stress of daily living, engage in positive self-talk, and be future-oriented in our mind-set impacts our physical health! 


Learning how to re-set your mindset and address negative thoughts and emotions supports your long-term success with any health goal. Most of us know the things we're supposed to do to keep our bodies and mind humming along in a happy state of bliss. We also know things are easier said than done when going it alone!

Accepting support and guidance to address mental and emotional blocks 

makes a big difference

in reaching a health goal and

making lasting lifestyle changes

Dr. McElroy specializes in supporting adults working on challenges and goals related to lifestyle changes. She welcomes those interested in making lifestyle changes for the first time, as well as those working on maintaining their success! 

Dr. McElroy also supports those responding to medical concerns, such as chronic pain, life-altering diagnoses, or those needing to make lifestyle changes to manage a medical situation. 

Did you know health and wellness challenges are often related to

both emotional and psychological health, not only the physical body?

Lifestyle Changes​

  • Weight Loss

  • Weight Maintenance

  • Support for whole-person living

Medical Concerns
  • Chronic Illness
  • Chronic pain
  • Significant illness such as cancer

How can Dr. Erika support

your success?

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