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Recent economic data indicates that personal savings in the U.S. have decreased by as much as 5 percent compared to 60 years.

Reasons for the decline range from skyrocketing costs of living in many areas of the country with a simultaneous flatline in salaries. Many wou...

The concept that there is a direct relationship between thoughts, feelings and behaviors is not new. This concept underlies many of the psychological interventions practiced in therapy. It is strongly supported by thousands of scientific findings.

What else is known is...

Do You Want Optimal Human Functioning?

Many people are obsessed with being happy. Yet, the more they ‘do’ in pursuit of happiness the less happy they seem to be! And this isn’t a myth.

Scientific research shows that focusing too much on the achievement of happiness resu...

New clients often say it took months, sometimes years, to finally seek support. To pick up the phone to talk with a potential therapist or send an outreach email. 

Each time I hear this, I offer a bit of education about behavior change.

In order to address the areas of l...

This is the final part in the 3-part series about keeping ourselves accountable when we want to create change in life. We’ve identified how there are many ways to continue to work from the inside out:

  • Use positive and active communication techniques

  • Being authe...

Welcome back to the multi-part series examining different ways to improve from the Inside Out – because that’s how we achieve psychological wellness and well-being.

In this part of the series, the focus is on the ‘addiction’ to being busy – the pathological habit of “do...

Most people want to experience freedom – the freedom to travel and experience adventure, great health, abundance of money, and many other types of freedom.

Just look at the thousands, dare I say millions, wishing for the big winning lottery ticket in hopes it will solv...

Ever been told by others that you seem to focus more on the negative than the positive? When evaluating a situation, it’s the negative “what if’s” that grab your attention and push away the positive possibilities? Well, it turns out you’re not alone. In fact, billions...

Unfortunately, more and more adults are experiencing life burnout and experiencing intense psychological, emotional, and physical problems as a result. 

What is life burnout and how is it different from job or professional burnout?

Life burnout is experiencing intense an...

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May 26, 2019

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