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Contrary to what many think, it’s common practice for clients to lie to their psychologists, therapists and counselors.

Now this may sound counterintuitive!

Isn’t the point of therapy to tell someone what’s bothering you, so they can help you feel differently about the...

Earlier this month I posted an inspirational moment asking you to bring awareness to how you wake up each day.

Do you wake up dreading the day? Hoping there’ll be a force of nature, like a blizzard, that forces your boss to close the office? Or maybe you wake up just no...

In the mid-1990’s, two psychologists (Tedeschi and Calhoun) developed a theory about how positive transformations can be experienced after a traumatic event.

Post-traumatic growth (PTG) is this theory that proposes people who endure psychological struggle following adv...

The concept that there is a direct relationship between thoughts, feelings and behaviors is not new. This concept underlies many of the psychological interventions practiced in therapy. It is strongly supported by thousands of scientific findings.

What else is known is...

Do You Want Optimal Human Functioning?

Many people are obsessed with being happy. Yet, the more they ‘do’ in pursuit of happiness the less happy they seem to be! And this isn’t a myth.

Scientific research shows that focusing too much on the achievement of happiness resu...

New clients often say it took months, sometimes years, to finally seek support. To pick up the phone to talk with a potential therapist or send an outreach email. 

Each time I hear this, I offer a bit of education about behavior change.

In order to address the areas of l...

Intention setting is a key element of psychological wellness.

Where your attention and focus goes, so goes your behavior.

If you constantly remind yourself of all the things you can’t do, the likelihood of remembering what you do well (or the desire to try something ne...

The mind/brain doesn’t know the difference between a real activity and mental rehearsal.

Why exactly is this something important for us to know?

What we tell ourselves shapes our feelings, thoughts, and even the behaviors we engage in (or don’t engage in).

Although yo...

Why is it exactly that there are so many terms used to describe a person’s mental health?

As the years have progressed with a greater understanding of psychology, there has also been an evolution of the labels applied to describe mental health and mental health needs. T...

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