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After looking at the overwhelming amount of information about the benefits of psychotherapy and how to find the right psychologist (therapist), now you want to understand what happens once therapy begins.

What exactly is going to happen?

To begin, let’s review what psych...

“As I opened my eyes today, this was the first thought yelling in my head. When. Will. I. Feel. Better?”

I asked, “Was there an answer?” 

He said there was and it surprised him, “Stop focusing on the future and start appreciating the now. Stop trying to strong-arm yourse...

These days information is at our fingertips. Just open the ol’ internet app and start tapping! But seeing something in print doesn’t make it true (hello there fake news). The same is true when it comes to finding a therapist. Just because a business or provider comes u...

Often when speaking about psychological and emotional health, I’m asked about therapy. People are curious. What type of person calls for services? Do they feel better?  I always share that all types and varieties of people seek therapy and most feel better and create c...

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May 26, 2019

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